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Great films that feature timeshare stories (or nightmares)

Great films that feature timeshare stories (or nightmares) When we watch a movie we enter the cinematic world of its story. Good movies make us feel as if we are a part of it and the situations are happening with us. While some movies tell an imaginative tale, some portray real-life occurrences. One of such event is time sharing situation. Many movies have related to this idea. But do you know which are the best time sharing movies? Here are two movies which stand out among all time sharing movies. Both of them depicts the story of people who initially refused to share a place but eventually are bound to share due to the situation.

Time Share (2000) also known as "Bitter Suite" is a story of two single parents, from different gender, simultaneously with their children, accidentally booked the exact same location for their vacation. And they have to unwillingly share a residence for their vacations. So the movie springs with two distinct families, led by two different parents, a father, and a mother. Due to their leadership, their family nurtured different customs and values. With the flow of events, they were bound to live under the very same roof. And that's when chaos begins. The main problem starts with their initial refusal to stay in the same residence but was forced by the situation to do so. While both families are poles apart, they eventually find a way to connect to each other. The story portrayal was so enjoyable that it was a hit when it was first aired. Viewers liking of the movie resulted in it to be dubbed in many different International languages.


The Holiday (2006) This is a movie, where the story has several turning points inside it. It explores the undiscovered love over the pompous socially evident successful relationship. But the fun part of watching this movie is that it shows that people have a change of a heart when they are actually treated with love. Two women trying to escape their reality ended up exchanging their homes, a decision that changes both of their lives. Both of explored excitement, emotion, relief from stressed and strained relationships, love at different phases of their holidays. Surprisingly they both found love while helping others. They found peace when they decided to make someone else happy. In our real life, we are mostly surrounded by situations like Amanda and Iris. We always feel complex to decide between our heart and mind. If we choose our heart over our mind, we are most likely to end up like these two actresses. We might not be visibly winner, but we will surely win the fight for happiness and win a handful of love in return. When we do something to make others happy, we let go our own sorrows and we are able to take better decisions for ourselves. We are able to see through others purpose to be with us. Our self-less helping attitude are returned to us by nature and we are saved from a disastrous end.

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